The Bluest Eye – Winter Section

How does Morrison personify Winter and use metaphors comparing Mr. MacTeer to winter? Give specific examples from the text.

Morrison personifies winter , comparing it to Mr. MacTeer because winter and Mr. MacTeer have some similarities. Like for example, Morrison says in the passage “his forehead is like a cold sweep of erie”, meaning that he’s coldhearted.

How is Pecola harassed by the group of boys? What effect does it have on her? How is this reminiscent of common bullying?

Pecola was harassed by the group of boys when they were shouting at her “black emo, black emo.” That effects her because she already felt bad enough about herself, there was no need for that group of boys to constantly remind her of how ugly she assumed she was. Its reminiscent to common bullying because nobody really understands the emotion that goes through a person’s mind when they are bullied, they get that feeling of being unloved, and unwanted. Anyone who was bullied can relate to Pecola at this point.

Describe Maureen Peal. Comment on her interaction with Pecola.

Maureen Peal was the white, rich , and popular girl in the school. She began being friends with Pecola, however, things didn’t go well. She immediately started becoming mean when they were at the store buying ice cream, when Maureen mentioned how Pecola sees her daddy naked everyday, because the group of boys told her.

Examine Claudia and Freida’s comparison of themselves with Maureen.

Claudia and Freida viewed themselves as pretty white girls with nice hair, and who were rich, which they weren’t. Maureen was all of those things. Claudia and Freida asked themselves about who they really are after seeing a so called, “perfect” girl.

Tell me about MacTeer sisters’ meeting with the prostitutes, how do they react and what does this about them?

There was no major effect on the MacTeer sisters’ meeting the prostitutes because, after they met them they didn’t go near them, they sort of tried ignoring them. They didn’t want to be involved with prostitutes.

Analyze Geraldine and discuss her significance to the story.

Geraldine is the crazy cat lover, who always thinks her cat deserves mProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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e love than anyone, including her son. She is also the mother of one of the boys who kept harassing Pecola earlier in the book.

Examine the importance of Geraldine and her relationship with Junior.

Geraldine doesn’t show any type of feeling or emotion towards Junior, she gives him what he wants without saying a word. You can obviously tell she likes her cat more. Junior soon notices it and takes out his anger on Pecola because he is so fed up with Geraldine and the no love she gives him.

How does Junior treat Pecola? How about his mother, how does she treat Pecola? What impact does this have on Pecola?

Junior used to bully Pecola and pick on her at the beginning of the book, but later on he started being polite and nice as if he was trying to become her friend. His mother, Geraldine, addresses Pecola as if she weren’t important, or important to care about that is. This has an impact on Pecola because since she has such low self-esteem, hearing and seeing that nobody really cares about her is upsetting her deep down. She may be hitting rock bottom at this point.

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County – Mark Twain

Why is the story set in a mining town? What was the historical significance of mining towns to the development of the west, and what kind of people did they attract?

The story set is in a mining town because the story is told from like a western side. It talks about things from the ol’ ol’ west and how things were before. The kind of people they attracted were farmer types, anyone who is country-like.

Why do you think Wheeler is so interested in getting people to listen to his tall tales? Does he like to hear himself talk, or does he think they can learn something from him?

I think Wheeler is so interested in getting people to listen to his tall tales because he thinks that he can actually teach people some things. He feels like he can help teach them some lessons to be learned.

What’s the deal with Smiley’s constant gambling? Is he an addict? If not, what satisfaction does it give him? Why do we tend to associate gambling with westerners?

I don’t think Smiley’s a gambling addict, I just think he likes to gamble. Lots of people today have hobbies they love to do, maybe gambling is Smiley’s hobby. Smiley loves the rush he gets when he gambles. It gives him the satisfaction to gamble more, but I don’t think he’s an addict.

Critical Thinking ; Joyce Oates – Lady with the Pet Dog

Which version do you like better–Chekov’s story or Oates’s? What’s the point of retelling the story?

The point of retelling this story was to understand it from two different peoples’ perspective. Me personally, I like Chekov’s story better because it has that side of it where you can relate to it from both a man and a women’s inner feeling, making it a good story everyone could read rather than writing a story like Oates’s with a stronger feminine view.

Why are Anna and her lover drawn to each other? What do we learn about their spouses that helps explain their attraction? Are there any other explanations?

Anna and her lover have a strong bond because they feel happy with each other. Their spouses just don’t have that feeling you get when you’re with someone you really care about. Anna felt like she was way to unhappy with her husband, that’s why she kept having thoughts of him, because he made her happy, not her husband. When you read this story, by reading in between the lines anyone could tell Anna’s true feelings–the feeling of love.

Why is Anna so unhappy after the affair on Nantucket begins? Why does she think of suicide?

Anna is unhappy because she felt like after the affair, she was betraying her husband. She knew deep inside what she was doing was wrong, but she got caught in the heat of the moment. At that time, she felt like what she did was right, until she realized she soon had to return to her husband in Ohio. She thought of suicide because she felt guilty of loving another man. She knew that feeling like that for another man was a huge risk, one that she thought was too big to take, so she just kept thinking of putting an end to her misery.

What is Anna’s attitude towards men? Does it change during the story?

Anna’s attitude toward men is like she doesn’t want to believe some of them could be real men. She tries to believe that she won’t find real love from anyone when the truth is, she has love right in front of her. It does change in the story because she starts to become more open about her feelings and how she is stuck in deciding who she wants to be with.

Consider whether Anna reaches any kind of resolution to her problems by the end of the story. Is she merely “repeating” herself, or do you think she develops?

I think Anna develops because by the end of the story, when they are reunited, you can see that she isn’t afraid to let it all out, that deep inside she truly feels happy with him. In the beginning, she had trouble admitting her real feelings but that all changes at the end. I think by the end she became a better person within herself.

Critical Thinking ; Anton Chekov – Lady with the Pet Dog

What does Gurov’s view of women reveal about him? Why does he regard them as an “inferior race?”

Gurov isn’t exactly the “husband” type. As most husbands’ would love and cherish their women, treating them as they should be treated, Gurov acts as if he’s a wild teenager. He doesn’t care of womens’ feelings, and feels as though he’s in control of everything. Anna should have left him, but she didn’t, making his thoughts more powerful of him thinking he is a king.

When and why does Gurov’s feelings about Anna begin to change? Is he really in love with her?

Gurov’s feelings for Anna begin to change when they leave each other to go back home. After several months passed by, Gurov noticed that he had true feelings for Anna he never felt before. He thinks to himself and knows deep inside that he made a huge mistake leaving his love, although he can’t bear the fact that he could never have her.

What is the effect of having Gurov as the central consciousness? How would the story be different if it were told from Anna’s perspective?
The effect of having Gurov tell this story from his point of view is that it shows his true feelings about Anna and being in love. If Anna were to tell this story from her perspective, the storyline would be different because she would say everything she felt for Gurov and her thoughts, giving this story a more feminine touch so it would relate to most women.

Why is it significant that the setting of the story is in a resort town? How does the vacation atmosphere affect the action?

Having a vacation setting for this story affects its storyline because, as most families, when people go on vacations, its a chance to explore the world and find your soul. If this story was told from their home, it would have changed because they sort of would have been following their daily routines, rather then relaxing and finding inner peace from somewhere else.

Where I’m From Poem

I’m from a very special house,

from games, television and movie nights.

I’m from chicken and tacos,

playing board games with my cousins.

I’m from a bad neighborhood filled with violence,

from car accidents and fighting.

I’m from where the only people you trust are your family,

from parties on every birthday,

to opening gifts on Christmas eve.

I’m from a full loving family,

going on vacations to Las Vegas and Wildwood.

I’m from my childhood memories,

that I’ll never forget.

I’m from an unpredictable life,

where every second of it is a mystery.

But I wouldn’t change any part of it.